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Osteopathy for Children

Osteopathy for Children

Children present with a multitude of different symptoms and conditions. As first contact, primary health care practitioners, osteopaths need to have a broad knowledge base.

This is only achieved with further training. Fabiano and Margherita both have a Masters degree in paediatric osteopathy by the Bedford University and the OCC.


Children are not small adults. An infant is born with a very different structure to their body. Many bones are formed largely of cartilage at birth and do not fully ossify until growth is complete.

As with adults, musculoskeletal symptoms in children can be an indication of systemic illness or pathology. Early identification can profoundly affect outcomes and osteopaths are familiar with the differential diagnosis of conditions that may present with pain and discomfort.

An understanding of social, emotional and behavioural issues in children is reliant on familiarity with normal neurological development and associated milestones, and normal childhood behaviours. Behaviour can be viewed as a form of communication so any concerns related to behaviour should be explored in this context.

Osteopathic principles recognise that structure and function are intimately related, if body structure is not balanced and healthy, then function can be affected. Gentle cranial osteopathic techniques are suitable for children (of all ages), they are safe and gentle. Our osteopaths will assess your child to see what might help.

As Osteopaths we have a sufficient understanding of the red flags related to all conditions of childhood so that appropriate measures can be taken and referrals made when necessary.

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