We forget births are a miracle and few of them go according to plan. The Osteopaths at ED-HC, Fabiano and Margherita are here to help ease the strains after a long or complex birth. Even after a cesarian, babies have a lot of changes and adaptations to deal with in their new environment.

We love to treat babies and it comes with a great responsibility and that’s why we trained for a long time to become conversant with all the aspects that can prevent babies being happy and comfortable in themselves.

Babies can present with feeding issues, digestive problems, sleep issues or an inability to relax.

However, the range of presentations is diverse.

Cranial osteopathy is very safe, gentle and non manipulative, we aim to help your baby’s body make its own changes in response to treatment.

In babies, behaviour is their only form of communication – so excessive crying and perceived expressions of pain warrant further investigation to ascertain the reason behind this behaviour.

A few sessions at the start can make a lot of difference for their immediate wellbeing and for the future. #beststartinlife

Please note that babies may sometimes be a little unsettled for up to 24 hours after treatment.

A typical treatment plan is 2-4 appointments.

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