Fabiano is the healer in my life. I enter his room with my various pains and restrictions, and walk out a whole being again. He returns the use of my body to me. I know the body wants to be healthy, to be able to function fully, and can heal itself with help. Fabiano brings his myriad skills and his incredible energy to my rescue and I am healed. I have suffered from rotoscoliosis for most of my adult life and was forever searching for someone or something to take away the discomfort and constrictions. Since I was referred to Fabiano, I know where to go to get back on track. This year I went three months without seeing him and could barely do yoga. After one session with him, I walked out tall, without pain and was back to my version of yoga flexibility that evening! His is a special gift, and I believe that any condition can be made better with his help. As much as I need his regular retuning, visits are such a pleasure because I leave his sessions each time feeling I am ready to take on the world again. Thank you always, Fabiano!

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