As a recent convert to the virtues of cranial osteopathy, I now find myself quite often preaching its wonders.
Fabiano has been outstanding and we’ve been amazed at the almost instant results he has delivered for our whole family.
For our baby daughter, Fabiano played a crucial part in helping her establish feeding following some difficulties early on. He continues to play a significant part in her development and we hope this will continue for many years to come.
For my wife who got acute neck strain when she fell asleep on the ‘sleepyhead’, Fabiano made time on a day off to see her; her crooked neck was almost fully recovered the next day. And for me – well I’ve really just ridden on the coat tails of my family, working on some allignment before or after a session with the family.
So from all our family – I say thank you to Fabiano for helping to such an extent. For any newcomer to cranial, your first port of call should be Fabiano, the benchmark for excellence in London – we’re lucky to have him so nearby.

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